Established in 2001, Trumen Corp Pty Ltd is a property development and investment company. They are dedicated to delivering exceptional commercial, industrial and storage developments in targeted growth areas across the East Coast of Australia.


Trumen has been very successful in developing an excellent reputation in the market, creating high quality products with a solid financial performance ensuring good investment returns.

Trumen approach property as a composite market of multiple sectors and segments. Factors such as location, use (retail, commercial, industrial and child care), relationship to the property (lease, own/occupy, invest), and user (for example, industry, socio-demographic) define and differentiate growth opportunities within this market.

Their vision is to continue to be a successful and diversified property and investment company. By focusing their core business on property development, Trumen looks to lead the industry, developing properties that address both community and business needs. Trumen promises to uphold the following values:

  • To operate with integrity
  • To be trustworthy
  • To deliver what they promise
  • To honour their commitments


Every project undertaken by Trumen is rigorously targeted and researched to meet consumer and community requirements. We ensure that the adequate time and resources are given to identify unrecognised and/or poorly addressed market openings. We thoroughly understand that successful development, be it commercial, industrial, retail or child care centers around careful site selection.

Trumen Corp are committed to upholding the highest of community and business standards. As part of this commitment, we aim to meet the following objectives:

  • To understand and meet the needs of end-users, addressing trends in demand rather than to simply follow the industry’s supply trends
  • To ensure all business exchanges are conducted with the utmost integrity and the highest level of professionalism

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